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Episode Three

Jeff Adams – For Real ® — Episode 3

© 2012 Jeff Adams – For Real All Rights Reserved

In this episode are a bunch of live performances, barely edited, for your perusal. On And On, Bessie Mae, Memo To The Senate, Future Perfect, and Presence Of Love. And all I gotta say is…wow.

for the hoard

I wanted to give a shout out and big thank you to Matt Paxton of the 5 Decisions Away Podcast for playing the song Dead Dog by Adams and McDonough in episode #34, entitled The Other Bucket. Matt & Cabell had some kind words about Chris’ song and we were most grateful. They have  an awesome podcast over there in The Steamer (whatever the fuck that is) and provide an awesome service, so check ’em out! Thanks again!
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Episode Two

Jeff Adams – For Real­ ® Episode Two 

© 2012 Jeff Adams – For Real All Rights Reserved

This podcast features more song, guitar, and band tales, along with a live acoustic rendition of Upon Reflection, a song from the album Redefining The Parameters by Jeff Adams – For Real, available on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play; then, Constellation (also on the album), in memory of AdZe MiXXe (RIP 1997), followed by  Dead Dog, and ending the episode with Childhood Dream.

Episode One

Jeff Adams – For Real, The Podcast — Episode One

© 2012 Jeff Adams – For Real All Rights Reserved

In this episode, I dismally failed at recording audio and video at the same time, so only the audio came through. I do have different renditions of some of the songs on tonight’s show that are on ustream (link to the right) and were recorded live at other times. In any case, featured are Layin’ Back and If Only, solo live, and then Fuel  To The Fire (which I wrote and recorded with Prescott Alley) and Paranoid Blues, a solo, live, open-air rendition.

© 2012 Jeff Adams – For  Real All Rights Reserved

Adams and McDonough – HD Video Jam

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