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Episode Nine

Jeff Adams – For Real ® – Episode Nine

© 2012 Jeff Adams – For Real All Rights Reserved

This episode features some more of my original rock and roll, beginning with another, this time digtal (copy) live, version of Truth by the original Frozen Pop. Also, the Tom Zartler analog production of a Prescott Alley tune called Something Else; the extended acoustic live version of an old pain ridden tune of mine called This Pain (go figure), and then ending with a rare Adams and McDonough recording of Dysfunction.

Episode Eight

Jeff Adams – For Real ® – Episode Eight

© 2012 Jeff Adams – For Real All Rights Reserved

What podcasts does Jeff Adams – For Real listen to? For real? Here are the podcasts I mention in this episode: The Joe Rogan Experience, The Duncan Trussel Family Hour, Beauty And Da Beast (Joey Diaz), DomIrrera Live at the Laugh Factory, The History Of World War II (Ray Harris, Jr.), The British History Podcast (Jamie Jeffers), KFC Radio, Pop Tech Jam, Professor Blastoff, RISK!, Sarah and Vinnie Secret Show, Stuff You Should Know, You Had To Be There, Your Mom’s House, This Feels Terrible, and Ignorant and Uninformed. For some reason, I felt the need to share my podcasting tastes this week, complete with my hidden penchant for Old Time Radio (although I go into that the least…at least so far).

Original compositions (a.k.a. songs I wrote) on the podcast are: How U Thought It Would B (an Adams and McDonough production), The Magic In Your Eyes, The Promised Land (a Jeff Adams – For Real production, written by Adams & McDonough), and Equinox (Jeff Adams – For Real, acoustic live). Thanks for listening. Please visit our Shop page and consider donating to the cause of my original music production (which also equates to my ability to feed my family!). Thanks.

Episode Seven

Jeff Adams – For Real ® – Episode Seven

© 2012 Jeff Adams – For Real All Rights Reserved

In this episode, my tune “The Fleeting Moment”, with props to Helen Leicht of WXPN for playing this tune in 2000, an obscure solo effort “Half Way Around The World” and ending with an open air rendition of “They Climb”. Check out the the nifty segment on etiquette.

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