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Episode Twelve

Jeff Adams – For Real ® – Episode Twelve

© 2012 Jeff Adams – For Real All Rights Reserved

Hey folks – thanks for listening. Original music this week is as follows: a live/acoustic rendition of “Prison Bed Blues”, a segmented, mash-up, revisited version of an old Frozen Pop recording of “On And On”, then a couple more impromptu acoustic/live tunes in the key of E – “Cold Night” (another version of which is on my album Redefining The Parameters) and a weird version of “Something Else”, the melody having been completely and suddenly restructured. Included is a very short segment where I actually talk to myself. What fun I have!

Episode Eleven

Jeff Adams – For Real ® – Episode Eleven

© 2012 Jeff Adams – For Real All Rights Reserved

Songs this time include, “All This And More”, “All Written In” and a rare Frozen Pop live rendition of “Walk The Other Way”. There’s some political blithering here and there too…couldn’t help myself! Enjoy.

Episode Ten

Jeff Adams – For Real ® – Episode Ten

© 2012 Jeff Adams – For Real All Rights Reserved

Last week I pushed a wrong button, the auto-spectral reduction, and ended up with a podcast that – while it could have sounded better – sounded like I was sitting next to a running toilet whilst recording. I left it because I didn’t have time to reconfigure the segments and re-edit.

Besides, some of this weeks’ material are some of the same songs as in weeks past – this time recorded with Chris McDonough during a little live jam session the other evening. So first, there’s a solo effort of my brand new song “New Paradigm”, followed by 4 Adams and McDonough jams: “Magic In Your Eyes”, “As The Moment Passes By”, “Dysfunction”, and “Go With What You Feel”. I end the podcast with a solo cover of Bob Dylan’s “Knocking On Heaven’s Door”.

There’s some interesting banter in between the songs too…and the podcast is a little longer this time.

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