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Episode Fourteen

Jeff Adams – For Real ® – Episode Fourteen

© 2012 Jeff Adams – For Real All Rights Reserved

I continued a short segment I began last week entitled, Living Among The Amish. And…it looks like I’m beginning to come out of my shell a little bit in this special, longer episode. Du, Du Liegst Mir Im Herzen was the first selection of which I played a fun version, the German folk song from ca. 1820. After that I played Water Down, and original of mine that I also have a version of on YouTube.

But…for most of the podcast I’m talking about my take and angle on the fucked-up economy and my experiences with the long arm of the law – all in the context of varying political realities throughout the last 80 or so years. A main focal-point of discussion: marijuana. I concluded the episode with a re-mastered version of an old demo recording of my original tune, Across The Wall.

Background music in the beginning of the podcast includes Buddy Morrow’s Night Train, My Blue Heaven by Glenn Miller and Artie Shaw, as well as a song called Boogie Woogie’s Mother-In-Law by Buddy Johnson.

Episode Thirteen

Jeff Adams – For Real ® – Episode Thirteen

© 2012 Jeff Adams – For Real All Rights Reserved

Some of my original music this time includes a decent recording of “The Freedom That Could Be”, followed by an open-air, live version of “Just A Second Now”, the latter of which I am in the final stages of production; it’s slated to be the title song of my second album, which I thought was fitting — it also has an interesting and creepy sort of premise (perfect for Halloween month as well as episode 13)! After that is an open-air, live version of “Fuel To The  Fire”, a little re-tooled for the unplugged aspect; then, concluded with one of my favorite pre-mixes of “Upon Reflection”. I only complained about the Amish a little bit.

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