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Episode Twenty

The Jeff Adams – For Real ® Podcast Episode Twenty

© 2012 Jeff Adams – For Real All Rights Reserved

The holiday provided an excellent excuse to skip a week of podcasting, but that wasn’t it at all. I’d fully intended on releasing another podcast, but the processor was fried on my 3 year-old Dell so I was relegated to a few days of being unable to make an episode happen. In this episode my cynicism is fairly tame while the music again provides the showcase. Some of my original songs this time include: open air versions of “Fuel To The Fire”,  and “More Curious Still”, rounding it out with an old folk song from long ago — made popular by The Animals in 1964 — called “House Of The Rising Sun”. Dig it.

Episode Nineteen

The Jeff Adams – For Real ® Podcast Episode Nineteen

© 2012 Jeff Adams – For Real All Rights Reserved

Of course my heart goes out to the families of the victims of that horrifying massacre in New England a few days back. I spoke of it some during the beginning of this episode. Also briefly on CNNs report regarding Obama’s professed stance on the states that have legalized marijuana. Most of this episode, however, is dedicated to music!

An original tune, never before heard, called “Lonely Day”…I sort of want to develop that one a little more (maybe a future tune for an album?).

My boy Jude’s renditions of “I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas” followed by “Away In The Manger”.

I then went a little Christmas-song happy and did a quick version of Jingle Bells and “Angels We Have Heard On High”, and then ended up with an old Adams & McDonough production of “Shadow Of A Dream”, which isn’t a Christmas song.


Song Supplemental

Christmas Morning by Jeff Adams – For Real

© 1987 Jeffrey Robert Adams; © 2012 Jeffrey Robert Adams All Rights Reserved

Does the Spirit of Christmas live on?


Episode Eighteen

The Jeff Adams – For Real ® Podcast Episode Eighteen

© 2012 Jeff Adams – For Real All Rights Reserved

Original tunes this week include a produced copy of my original song, “Christmas Morning”, “As The Moment Passes By”, “Beyond”, and then an impromptu open-air version of the 1944 Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane tune entitled, “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”.

In between is talk of unemployment, the fiscal cliff, Pearl Harbor Day on CNN, overpopulation, the destructive nature of humanity, and then some talk on my table saw accident. It’s a laugh a minute.

Episode Seventeen

Jeff Adams – For Real ® – Episode Seventeen

© 2012 Jeff Adams – For Real All Rights Reserved

In this episode I briefly discuss global warming, the fact that I’m now among the ranks of the unemployed, PTSD and MDMA as reported on CNN, and hunting season; two original open-air recordings “They Climb” about the lovely folks who laid me off right before Christmas, and a brand new effort entitled, “Holding On To You”. I had a little difficulty with digital clipping in the very beginning of the episode, but it’s not too bad and didn’t last too long. I’m looking into its cause and hoping to have it corrected by next time.

Some songs in the background throughout this podcast include:

“Mule Train” Vaughn Monroe

“Blues In The Night” Woody Herman

“Kalamazoo” The Glenn Miller Orchestra

“Holiday In Harlem” Chick Webb

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