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Episode 22

The Jeff Adams – For Real ® Podcast Episode 22

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More music than commentary this week, which is perhaps the way it should be all the time! I talked about the Sandy Hook tragedy a little and the tie-in of gun control being in the national spotlight – only very briefly. Then came my original tune “Freedom That Could Be” in an acoustic live recording, followed by news about a canon in Central Park, sitting there since The Revolutionary War, containing live ammunition all the while. Other original songs were, “Love You, Hold You”, “Forgive and Forget”, and “The Time Has Come To Be” – the last of which I wrote for my best friend Tom, who passed away in 2004. I did a little impromptu performance of the Stephen Stills composition “For What It’s Worth” after the conclusion of the episode.

Episode 21

The Jeff Adams – For Real ® Podcast Episode 21

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More GMO talk along with some original music, newer stuff I’ve been working on based on “Holding On To You”, a little effort I began a few weeks back; “Constellations”, “New Paradigm”, and an impromptu version of “Stand By Me”.

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