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Episode 29

The Jeff Adams – For Real ® Podcast Episode 29

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Some more GMO talk, but not nearly enough because I’m always finding out more terrible news just after I finish production. However, my original music this week includes productions specific for this episode, tunes such as “Rise Above”, “As The Moment Passes By”, and “Tabula Rasa”. My post episode, sittin’-on-the-back-porch cover song is a song originally released by The Broken Bells as a free download in 2009 called “The High Road”.

Episode 28

The Jeff Adams – For Real ® Podcast Episode 28

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Now here’s something different. A few friends joined me for a relaxing evening of loose-formed discussion…well, more like family than friends but folk with whom I’ve also worked. It’s a longer episode, certainly sillier, and you’ll have to let me know what you think.  Originals this week, some of which were requested, were “Paranoid Blues” from my second album “Just A Second Now”, of course another classic rendition of “Dysfunction” (special thanks to Chris McDonough), a fairly rough live-ish open-air version of  “Upon Reflection” (a cleaner version of which is actually also on the second album, come to think of it), and ending up – after quite a bit of banter – with an older mix down of “Prison Bed Blues”.

Episode 27

The Jeff Adams – For Real ® Podcast Episode 27

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This episode was a little while coming, but hopefully the music will make up for it! I re-tooled & mastered some of my original material I’m considering for my 3rd album release. Let me know what you think! Original music includes: “How U Thought It Would B”, “Far Away From Home”, “Go With What You Feel”, and “That Freedom Song” – all my compositions & productions. My post-episode encore is a U2 cover song entitled, “One”.


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