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Episode 32

The Jeff Adams – For Real ® Podcast Episode 32

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Lots of GMO information emerging. For this particular episode I wrote a new song called “No GMOs”, sort of a work in progress. Other original material includes: “The Wonder Of You”, “Truth”, and “Could It Be”. My post-episode, porch-sittin’, knee-slappin’ tune is an Oasis cover called “Wonderwall”.

Episode 31

The Jeff Adams – For Real ® Podcast Episode 31

© 2013 Bucketstomp™ Productions All Rights Reserved

Well, I certainly complained about GMOs enough in this episode I think, but managed to squeeze in quite a bit of music as well. I didn’t do as much production on this episode as it was such a nice day outside I decided to just record open-air out in the warmth of the spring sunshine. My original music this week includes: “Freedom That Could Be”, “A Time Of Love” which morphed into “Forever”, followed by “Shame After All”. I ended up the episode with a Robert Hunter tune called “Ripple”. My post-podcast porch-sittin’, knee-slappin’ cover was a Paul Simon tune called “Mother And Child Reunion”. Cheers!

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