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Episode 36

The Jeff Adams – For Real ® Podcast Episode 36

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These are all free podcasts, so you can just “Save Target As” or however your browser lets you save .mp3 files. Chrome lets you play the podcasts right within the browser if you wanted to listen and not save it to your hard drive. Anyway, I meant to post this one last night but I got a little side-tracked. It’s easy for that to happen since I have a fairly large family!

This week my discussion points weren’t on GMOs quite as much, although I did talk briefly about the movie “Santo” which is being made (and I support). I ended up talking about other genetic weirdnesses being perpetrated against humanity by the scientific community – and there’s quite a barrage. Then again, disinformation fed to Americans by their own government is also at a all-time high. Sort of makes one wonder what is the truth exactly.

I’ve been gigging again lately. Last week I got to jam with my long-time friend and associate Chris McDonough, just for a couple of songs; but, it made me wax nostalgic a little on the podcast. Original music this week includes, “More Curious Still”, and then the song called “Anyway” I just heard on WSTW’s Hometown Heroes program on 7/21 from my second album “Just A Second Now”. Other original songs were also songs I used to play and record with Chris, the next one was one of the first songs we ever jammed out on together, from 1992, called, “Trace Of Sadness” followed by another song I wrote which was on the radio back in 2000 on WSTW as well as WXPN entiltled, “The Fleeting Moment”. My post episode cover this week is something special. It’s a song my grandmother wrote in the 1960’s, a country song called “Happiness”. It’s a short song, but I liked it a lot when I recently heard it. Cheers!

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