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Episode 37

The Jeff Adams – For Real ® Podcast Episode 37

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After extensive work on my new album “Go With What You Feel”, this podcast was a long-time-a-comin’. What is the result for the wait? Well, it sounds like the podcast is being played on an old record player and that the record has a scratch in it. I don’t know what’s up with that particular recording device, but I’ll use the studio next time! My GMO rant, while not abated, has broadened to include other topics concerning the world that are messed up. I’m looking forward to my upcoming gig on Friday evening at the Stottsville Inn and Busy Bee Pub outside of Coatesville, PA from 7-10PM, part of what I mentioned in the podcast. Original music this time includes a newer song that may end up on a 4th solo album (I’ve comprised a list of the material for the next 2 solo albums, be they within the scope of Providence) entiltled, “Holding On To You”, followed by an open-air solo version of “Looking For In Love”, and older song and recording of “Across The Wall”, followed-up by a work-in-progress called, “Be Alright”. My post-episode, porch-sittin’ tune is an Imagine Dragons’ cover called “Radioactive”.

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