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Tempus fugit. No surprise then that I’ve grown into a different person than when I began this musical journey…but it’s still me, Jeff Adams. In the past, in another era, I was the leader of  bands such as Tabula Rasa, Prescott Alley, and Frozen Pop. I wrote and arranged the music the bands performed; I was also the lead singer. I’m a man of 1000 songs, currently doing a solo act – as it has been for many moons.

I began writing songs, albeit keeping them to myself awhile, in 1981 and started performing in 1983. I experienced a huge surge in perfromances and recordings throughout the 1990s – before, during, and after band development.
Frozen Pop was originally a 5-piece band ca. 1992, but evolved into a sharp acoustic duo both prior to and after the big band experiments. Having recorded as Frozen Pop, I released my first underground full-length album Truth in 2000 – having received radio airplay on WXPN-FM (University of Pennsylvania Radio, broadcasting to the Philadelphia Metro Area, Harrisburg, Lancaster, York, Worton/Baltimore, Lehigh Valley, and Worldwide via the Internet) and WSTW-FM (broadcasting to the Delaware Valley, based in Wilmington, DE-USA, and Worldwide via the Internet) with the track entitled The Fleeting Moment that summer (re-released on the album Dysfunction by Adams and McDonough in 2015) . Newly recorded releases began to flow in abundance from 2012 onward, as have shows and radio spins.

Please download any of the podcasts, supplementals or freebies here for free. That is an endeavor I do hope to get back to shortly, the podcasting. I’m in process of independent reformat, sans advertisement!
Of course, I also have released six full-length albums. The first one, Redefining The Parameters, is available on iTunesAmazon mp3 store, or Google Play…and/or my second and third solo album releases, Just A Second Now and Go With What You Feel on Google Play respectively (as well as everywhere else) , Dysfunction by Adams and McDonough, also available on all online retail outlets as well as Spotify, Apple Music, and MediaNet as is my fourth solo release IV and fifth solo album Freedom and Libertyplus the New Single entitled Planet Earthalways more on the way. (…sssshhhh…It’s a secret! Material for solo album 6 is due to hit the studio soon. Also some rare collaborative recordings, video productions, and performances coming soon!)


I believe that music offers humanity a unique relationship with the infinite. Music is a connection with ultimate spirit. And, I also believe that music must needs be shared.
-Chris McDonough, accompanist


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