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My name is Jeff Adams. I am a singer/songwriter, recording artist and performer from ages of yore, having written 1000 songs. Still I persist. The tales of my haunts are legendary. For any specific songwriting inquiries, please send an email; I’m all too happy to compose a song for your project or event. Contact me too for any rights licensing interests, as I manage my own catalog via Bucketstomp™ Productions.
Of course I am available to perform live events of all sorts - full-length live shows, festival sets, personal concerts, parties, opening acts and benefit shows. Again, please send an inquiry email or contact via social media to start the scheduling process.

Performing some rockin’  jams covering the advent of popular guitar music, with up to 5 hours of live rock & roll, blues, with a little country and folk available per show (covers or original music or both).

Happy Hour | Brunch | Late Night | Private Bookings

If you do a Google search for the name Jeff Adams, a plethora of folks come up, all with the same name. All sorts of people, all different walks of life...there's a real estate dude, a football player, a mathematician, an author, and a few other musicians to name a few. I am not those people.

Still, the name is Jeff Adams, and my music is unique to my interpreted experiences, ideas, and perceptions – as well as inclinations of the muse. Irrespective of how many people have the same name, no matter what – we each have our unique contributions. My music is mine, and I hope you enjoy it! Check out the Albums And Songs page to purchase, download, and/or stream any of my released recordings.

“Jeff Adams – For Real ­®” was originally the website title and is still in use for the syndicated podcast – but carried over to my artist title for my first three solo albums, at least to begin with.   So, a few of the albums on different vendors list my artist name as “Jeff Adams – For Real”; however, I no  longer use it as a stand-alone title of disambiguation as an artist. To quote the immortal Popeye, “I yam what I yam”…the “For Real” part is obvious.

Thanks for checking me out. Be sure to check out the Live Performances page too for updates as to where you can catch me live or contact me to schedule performances! Peace. Thanks for listening. Again, tell people about the music – it’s catchy, eclectic, mellifluous, and rocks-out with some cool jams.



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